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Research and Writing


1. Crasto, Tamara (2023) Shared Intentionality in Hyflex Education: Understanding Engagement, Interaction and Inclusion through Lived Experiences of Diverse Instructors and Students.

Research funding: 

  • Accessibility Standards Canada, via The Canadian National Institute for the Blind;
    Building an Evidence-Based Universal Design Framework for Employment Standards in Canada (ASC Grant #017323577)

  • OCAD University, Graduate Student Project and Travel Grant


2. Barter, D., Crasto, T., Lee, E., Ingino, R. A, & Coppin, P. (2022). Fostering shared intentionality for diverse learners through cross-sensory interaction design. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 44. Retrieved from


1. Accessibility Standards Canada, via OntarioTech University;
A Study of Accessible and Inclusive Virtual and Blended Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for the Federal Public Service and Federally Regulated Industries in Post-COVID-19 Canada (ASC Grant #102194)

2. Examining the physical, social, and educational benefits of CLEAN exergame for persons with dementia to promote hand hygiene and influenza vaccine uptake: A feasibility study (Social Sciences and Humanities Insight Grant)

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